Top 5 Pallet Dog Bed Ideas

Many people are turning to pallets to make all kinds of household items. From outdoor tables and bars, to bed frames and chairs. The use of pallets has boomed in recent years. 

The benefit of pallets is that they are strong, look great when used properly and are often given away. The best thing is that they are completely customisable. Your options are endless and your imagination can run wild!

You can varnish, stain, paint or just leave it el natural. You can even get your kids involved in the design process and make it a fun family activity. One that will last longer than a macaroni necklace and they will love the time spent with you. The end result may end up in a flower power design or a superheroes theme, but either way, your dog is going to love it!

Generally, you can find free pallets at your local hardware stores, feed shops or Gumtree. I certainly do not recommend you to go and collect one from the house that is being built around the corner. Of course, you will need some basic tools to get the job done, a saw, hammer, measuring tape, pen/pencil, nails/screws and a drill depending on what you use. Once you have got these together and your architecturally designed layout of what your dog bed will look like, you are set to go.  

Next is the best bit, the look! Natural or varnish, stain or paint. Go with whatever is going to make you go... 'now that's a nice bed!' when you wake up of a morning.   

Recently I have seen some amazing DIY pallet dog beds and I wanted to share them with you. Hopefully, they spark your crafty side and entice you to create a unique and one of a kind designed dog bed of your own.   

If you do decide to create your own masterpiece for your pooch, I would love to see your work. 


Top 5 Pallet Beds for Dogs


Milo is looking ridiculously cute with his blue steel stare and beautifully rustic pallet bed. This rates as number one in the top five, with it being the easiest and quickest to make. A simple stencil on the front with some spray paint to finish it off and Milo becomes one spoilt pooch. 


Now look at this! A bed fit for a king. This is going to take a lot more work but the end result makes it look like it has been purchased from a boutique. Stained wood and all. This one is personally my favourite, and if I didn't have two left thumbs, this would be my pick to build. 


Doesn't Gizmo look like he just won Gold Lotto. Smiling from ear to ear, I am sure he just about lives in this pallet bed. This is the ideal small breed design, high sides to help him snuggle in at night and a small step that will still be suitable for him when he is more senior in age and arthritis starts kicking in. 


With a name like 'Yoda' and a bed full of matching, neutral cushions and toys, I see this pooch being a yoga posing, super cuddly, chilled out dog. How could you not be with a devoted owner like this, and a perfectly designed custom bed. It is easy to see that his owner has spent a lot of time designing this. Lucky boy! 


This has got 'beach vibe' all over it. White bed with blue a simple blue cushion. The design makes it easy to keep clean, reduces pests and keeps the smell down. In all honesty, this would be the bed that I would choose to design, simple and classic. I can see the kids and dog fighting for a place on this bed. 

I particularly love the idea of dog beds made from pallets for a number of reasons. They are strong, it uses very little tools and equipment, and you are refurbishing something that would otherwise go to the dump. It is a win-win if you have the time and the patience. 

Who knows, you might get so excited that you go onto making an outdoor couch, a swing to hang from a tree or a dog food bowl holder. The ideas are literally endless. 

Have you designed any pallet beds for your dog or cat? I would love to hear about your design. If you would like to share them, send them through to

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