10 Animal Facts that will make you go Aww!

Animals are known to show compassion, empathy and love just like we do. If you have been lucky enough to experience this first hand then you will understand just how amazing it is to witness. 

Every animal has its own unique personality and each species has have their own special traits. 

We at Peachy Keen have conducted some research and compiled a list of ten animal facts that made us go awww... so much that we wanted to share them with you. 

1. Echnida's court for a month

Male echidnas line up behind a female and follow her around for around one month, all trying to get her attention. When she is ready to choose, the males dig a trench around her and push each other out until one gains her affection and wins. 


2. Male puppies intentionally lose

When a male and female puppy are playing, it is common for the male puppy to intentionally let her 'win' so they can keep playing for longer together. 


3. Cows have their own daycare

When calves are born, two female cows will take turns in watching all calves so their mothers can graze. The cows watching over the 'daycare centre' will take turns through the day. 


4. Baby chickens can communicate 

Chickens are very instinctive. A mother hen talks to her unborn babies, and they chirp back through their shells.


5. Baby elephants use a dummy

Baby elephants suck on their trunks to soothe them just like human babies suck on their thumbs. 


6. A cats headbutt is to say 'I love you'

If your cat headbutts you, it is a sign of love. Domestic and wild cats face rub and headbutt as a way to mark each other a family. You should feel honoured if your cat headbutt's you, it's your cats way of saying "Hey, you, you're my family".


7. Seahorses are the world most romantic species

When a seahorse has found their partner, they hold tails, swim around snout-to-snout and whirl around in unison to show affection.  


8. Penguins must find the perfect pebble

A male penguin will search far and wide for the most perfect pebble to present to his partner to be. Males will often fight over the smoothest and prettiest ones. Once a male has found the ideal pebble, he will present it to his female in the hope that she approves. 


9. Grizzly Bears never leave their mother 

Female grizzly bears will raise their cubs for 2-3 years. When a female grizzly bear leaves her mother, she will often set up her new home close to her mothers home range.   


10. Nose-to-nose

When a polar bear wants to ask for something such as food, they will gently touch their noses together for approval. 



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